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Our business philosophy is deeply rooted in the environment and
in the Hawaiian ocean.

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Gail Slawson-Eich and Michelle “Chelli” Eich bonded in the Bay Area more than 20 years ago over a shared love of the ocean and environment.

Friends dubbed the pair “ocean heads” because of the amount of time they spent together surfing and scuba diving.


Looking for a locale where they could continue their ocean activities and pursue serious conservation efforts, the couple moved to Hawai‘i and founded OceanHead Solar & Electric which has become a leading organization for EV charging and commercial solar installations.


Gail and Chelli have been Surfrider Foundation volunteers for more than 20 years. Spare time is predictably spent in the ocean - Gail is a swimmer, Chelli is a surfer and their son and dog join them on the stand-up paddleboard.


Even when they are installing PV systems in the hot summer sun, Gail and Chelli are never far from doing what they love. “We love being outdoors,” Chelli says, “and we love being out on rooftops, there are really good views and it’s a great way to check the surf.”

"We're living proof that woman-owned businesses can thrive in the construction industry."

Gail & Chelli

Owners and Power Couple


We couldn't do any of this without our work 'ohana! Mahalo!

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